Facts: 57 million people in Nigeria do not have access to clean and safe water. Over 130 million people do not have access to adequate sanitation in Nigeria, two thirds of the population. Around 68,000 children under 5 die every year from diarrhoea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation



*Ramadan Appeal Nigeria 2016*

U4H presents 3 Projects

*Iftar meal:* £1 a day per person. Nigerians suffer with malnutrition day in and day out; Ramadhan will be difficult but with your help we can provide Iftaar dinner daily in the blessed month of Ramadhan over many villages.

*Madrassah:* £1400 is the total running cost of madraasah in Nigeria annually. We will be offering free classes in Tajweed and Quran recitations

*Water Well:* £1400 is the total running cost of 1 electrical water borehole which will provide access to water for an entire village.

We live in a world where the poor walk miles to get food and water and the rich walk miles to digest their food

“The believers shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity, Prophet Muhammad PBUH”

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We accept ZAKAT, SADAQAH, LILLAH and FIDIYA (£2.50 per day for those who are unable to fast)

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