The people of Pakistan need your help. 3.2 million people in Pakistan are currently in desperate need of humanitarian assistance.

The country’s poorest families are living in terrible conditions, sheltering in shacks made of scrap metal and torn pieces of fabric.

On the outskirts of Peshawar is a small village called Jogian (near Jhagra, district Peshawar). This village currently has 55 families living in tents without adequate electricity, sanitation or even access to education. The majority of households have no access to clean water and risk their health by drinking from dirty sources. Clean water means healthier lives, improved livelihoods and, ultimately, a route out of poverty.With YOUR support we aim to deliver a MONTH’S worth of essential FOOD PACKS to each and every family, Construct 3 WATER WELLS which will provide clean and safe water and finally construct 5 HOUSES to accommodate some of the worst cases.

Please help us to ease some of the hardships these people are going through.

£30 a Month Food Pack
£150 Cost of 1 Water Well
£1700 Construction of 1 house (houses 6-8 people)

In sha Allah (if Allah wills) Unite 4 Humanity volunteers will be travelling out to Pakistan on the 23rd March 2017 to help provide emergency relief and aid to these 55 families.