Recent decades have been difficult for Muslims in Burma. Residing under a military junta, many endure a life of misery and abject povertyThe ‘Rohingya’ ethnic group in particular have suffered. Seen as foreigners, they are denied freedom of movement, education, health treatment and even the opportunity to marry.The worsening repression means that around one and a half million Muslims have fled to neighbouring countries, where sadly however their lives have still not improved.Persecuted for decades, with no place to call home, they are desperate for your help. Many have no hope to flee the violence as neighbouring countries have closed their borders due to increasing influx of refugees. They desperately need food, water and healthcare.

burmaInshAllah with your support and generous donations, Unite 4 Humanity will be travelling out to the Bangladesh/Burma border to distribute food packs. The team will aim to travel to KUTUPALONG and NAYAPARA refugee camps were over 30,000 refugees, who have escaped the brutal treatment. The team will also be visiting villages and small towns dotted across the border were over an estimated 100,000 refugees have taken refuge.


Our team is on the ground 24/7 interacting and delivering aid direct to the needy. We have visited Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand and Burma and have hand delivered your aid to the oppressed.

Here are some of the pictures: