Unite4Humanity alongside Peterborough Street Kitchen dedicate their time and effort in helping feed the homeless every Sunday at Peterborough City Centre. With the help of your contributions, we hope to keep striving and helping those who need it most. We often take for granted the food we have but times like this makes you really appreciate the little things for they are the big things. Please support and spread our campaign and help us make a better life for the homeless.


    Unite4Humanity set up the ‘Serving Humanity’ project in April 2015 which consisted of a group of volunteers who came together from different backgrounds and ethnicities to help the homeless in Peterborough and Birmingham. by giving them hot food and drinks, sleeping bags, and other items that have been kindly donated to the team.

    Unite4Humanity are appealing to the local community and businesses to contribute what they can towards purchasing hot food for the homeless who live under dire circumstances.

    Feed The Needy runs every Sunday at 3.00pm Peterborough Cathedral Square with the help of your generous donations. Our mission is to give homeless people the supplies they need to survive on the streets.

    Every penny will add up in making a difference in someone’s life. The more donations we are able to obtain, the more people we will be able to feed.

    Unite4Humanity depends upon people like you to support, fund, organize, communicate, assemble, and deliver food to those in need. Work hand in hand with members of the community.

    Bring relief to people in need…throughout the year.