After receiving blessings from Alan’s wife Barbara we’ve decided to dedicate our latest project in memory of Alan who dedicated his life to helping the forgotten children of Syria.


Unite4Humanity set up a project in memory of Alan Henning in October 2014 in Mersin, Turkey to help educate the future generation of Syria.

Our vision for The Alan Henning Academy, recently renamed to Akdenizgem3, is to establish a safe, comfortable and professional environment where 450 children, many of whom are orphans, are being educated in hope to return home and rebuild Syria.

The Alan Henning Academy (Akdenizgem3), delivers the syllabus approved by the Turkish government, via 20 fully qualified teachers from Syria. Children aged between 5-18 years are taught English, Maths, Science, Art, Arabic, Turkish and Islamic Studies.

In December 2015 the academy was handed over to the Turkish government who alongside Syria Relief will continue to provide financial support.

Coverage by ITV in 2014…/alan-henning-academy-officially-opene…/